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Access authentic information on leading banks and bank products available in India / UAE.

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We provide unbiased information on various insurance products and access to leading insurance providers in UAE..
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ULIP Investment

A distinct platform to look for the best savings/investment    plans in UAE.

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Health Insurance


A Financial portal for Non Resident Indians:

PravasiMoney.com is a portal dedicated to expat community world over. Compare features of major financial products, manage your requirements in India from abroad, plus enjoy our rewards programme.

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Sign up with PravasiMoney.com, gain loyalty points by placing genuine enquiries with us. For all mature enquiries you gain points that can be redeemed easily through your dashboard for products of your choice.

Medical insurance for Your Aged Parents

Find the best medical insurance available for your aged parents in India. You can assist them from anywhere in the world. We help you calculate eligibility / premiums, and connect with leading service providers.

Our Blog

Does it make sense to have multiple insurance policies?

The truth is having variety in life does add some spice to it. There are numerous variants found that does add different meaning and flavor to life.

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How health insurance policies are to be compared?

When shopping, it is ideal to purchase a product that is found at competitive price and meets our requirements.

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Useful tips for purchasing a good health insurance plan

Although a good number of insurance companies have been offering numerous types of health plans, it is only a few who actually have availed it.

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